Crosby VehicleTrack System

Crosby Vehicle Tracking System is a spirit of innovation and the pursuit of high-quality high-tech company head-quartered in Chennai, India is specialized in wireless communication terminals (GSM, GSM / GPRS module , GPS modules, GPS trackers, PND, etc.) and lithium-ion cathode materials research and development, manufacturing, sales of foreign companies.

In the wireless communications industry, as a leading provider of wireless communications products, the core program, focuses on the design of chain links, dedicated to wireless communication module, GPRS GPS module and other intelligent terminal integration of research and development.

We provide customers with the best mobile intelligent terminal products of the overall solution, fully support the customers, to create Win-Win business model. Our Innovation, efficiency, development of cultural ideas, and always maintain the competitiveness of core technology, to provide comprehensive services for the success of our customers to provide strong technical support.

To meet customer demand for a variety of product specifications, providing vehicle-mounted, portable and handheld and other series of high-quality multi-functional technology solutions. We will continue to track the latest trends in the industry, a number of new platforms in deeper research and development plan for the next generation of wireless communications products that do pre-research.

With our experience and expertise, we distribute and sell our products through more than 20 technology partners. Thanks to them our GPS’s systems can provide prompt, precise tracking in every region and in any medium requested.

Crosby Vehicle Tracking System is a turn-key solution for vehicle owners or fleet operators to determine the location of the vehicle. The solution includes Vehicle tracking unit which is installed in vehicles to collect the vehicle information and Vehicle tracking software which is a web based software application to monitor the current location of the vehicle along with other history details of the vehicle via internet.

The solution allows users to monitor and control the movement of vehicles viz. trip start and completion time, distance traveled, speed etc. at any point of time. This helps in better fleet management by reducing the operating costs and while delivering mobile assets more effectively. The combination of GPS and cellular technology is used to transmit the vehicle data from unit to software.