Smart Card ID Solution

•    Smart cards were designed and invented to eliminate fraud.
•   Deployed around the world for financial services, mobile communications, healthcare, e-government, and identity management      smart cards are used to authenticate access and verify eligibility.
•    Smart cards enable secure ID verification in a way that protects personal privacy.
•    Only the card holder is able to verify a transaction using a PIN code or biometric.
•    Smart cards are electronic credentials that cannot be copied, altered or hacked and provide the necessary electronic                         verification securing the transaction with two-factor authentication.
•    Requiring the card and the cardholder PIN or associated biometric eliminates fraudulent transactions.
•    Around the world banks are transitioning from mag-stripe credit cards to chip based smart cards for security reasons to prevent        fraud.
•    Policy Initiatives As part of the transition to Health IT –HHS

Smart card benefits:
•    Secure, portable, standard-based technology providing the cornerstone of a healthcare identity management system.
•    Protect patient information while enabling the authorized sharing of data across multiple electronic health information                      platforms.
•    Provides high assurance when beneficiaries are accessing personalized information regarding their Medicare benefits and                 services.
•    Deliver significant cost savings by improving data accuracy, reducing medical errors and positively identifying patients and                  providers.
•    Provide a viable solution to the identity, security and privacy challenges the healthcare industry faces.
•    Create a pilot to prove government cost savings, fraud prevention, privacy protection, and information securit