Crosby Jewel Tag

Business Need
Currently most of the jewelers track inventory on daily or weekly basis. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling of each jewelry item separately, and is therefore, very time consuming and prone to errors. This type of inventory tracking may lead to misplacement, loss or even theft. In a premium business such as this, even a small error or loss can be significantly expensive. Huge amounts can be lost due to inefficient and slow inventory tracking.
While RFID is widely being used as an effective tool in retail industry, one application where it has immediate and direct benefits is Jewelry tracking. RFID based jewelry tracking system enables tracking inventory via scanning and therefore instant stock update while increasing the staff productivity. Moreover, by automating these processes, the Jeweler can focus on his core business, via selling Jewelry.

Our Solution
Crosby can be maintained for updating and tracking inventory. Jewelry items can be tagged with discrete, tamper-evident RFID tags with unique identification numbers linked with full details of the item. On scanning the items with a small reader, the information can be transmitted to an inventory database, which runs on a standard PC in the store/warehouse.
Once attached to an item, the tag cannot be removed without deactivation. Any tampering and / or misplacement can be detected while taking inventory using a handheld RFID reader. Thus within a short time inventory can be taken and uploaded to the database which facilitates smooth business through seamless visibility. At the end of the business day, the stocks at store can be scanned and reconciled with the updated database. If any tags are uncounted for, the software has the capability to send alerts to the staff.

Business Benefits
•    Tag has a unique ID; can be tamper evident and so alert for missing items
•    RFID readers are used to track stock movements
•    Automation of inventory check process at store.
•    Quick & easy search for particular jewelry with handheld device
•    Generates reports on inventory, staff performance, best selling items, etc
•    Reduction in shrinkage, superior theft alerting.
•    A reduction in the person-effort involved in Inventory audit, thus enabling faster tally of the inventory at set intervals.
•    Electronic recording of the goods movement from Inventory room to the store display.
•    Enhanced visibility into supply chain from manufacturing unit to Stores, and for exhibitions / external displays.

Using the technology of RFID jewelry tags in location, arrange of jewelry items will be scanned and identified immediately. For any query and related information of jewelry tags you can contact us and just mail, we will reach you soon.