Crosby GpsMapper

CrosbyMapper is a GPS tracking service, allowing you to track and share your location in real time, perfect for keeping an eye on your friends, family, kids or your company fleet & employees.We are sure you can use our feature rich service to find tracking service you need.

Live tracking Live sharing: Once you’re off and on your devices all in one page and keep an eye on their location in real-time, you can even send a unique link to your friends to track you and best of all, they don’t even need a login.

Route tracker Route overview: Go back in time! As soon as you’ve done tracking, go online to view your route. You can even export the route as either a CSV, KML or GPX file, giving you a huge range of options to work with what you’ve tracked.

Fleet tracking Multi Tracking: Allowing you to track multiple devices at once, perfect for a group cycle, walking event – even when you and your friends are off on a long drive together, you can see where they all are in one screen. You can even use it as a fleet tracking management tool, we are sure you will find your own great use for it.

API: Integrate Insta Mapper in your own software or website platform using our API Web services, with JSON responses or frame embedding allowing you to extract the data from your devices, to build or use with your own service.

Pro PremiumPro Version: Available exclusively on Android phones, our Pro version allows a stealth mode (making the app undetectable on the phone), lets you launch the app via a secret dialling code, allows password protection to the app and even allows you to start the app by sending your phone a coded SMS message!

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve Your Business :

Track Your Vehicle offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet. Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. Track Your Vehicle devices also provide valuable protections in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.

Track your Vehicle benefits entire management team, including

•    Dispatchers who manage vehicle destinations
•    Business owners seeking operational control
•    Managers directing “on time” performance
•    Crisis management and communications