Crosby Asset Tracking and Management Solutions

When you want to save time and know where to find business assets, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time. RFID Tracking Equipment will automatically update the location and visibility of your assets in the Wise Track Database.

Collecting and maintaining accurate records of your fixed assets can be a time consuming and expensive task. The right integrated solution will put your company's valuable equipment firmly under your control. The goal of any robust system is to maximize your asset control efficiency and minimize your equipment loss.

Using the combination of mobile computers and asset management software, you will be able to speed up your audit tasks and conduct your asset tracking in real-time. This will enable you to become more efficient in your production planning and reduce downtime. The management software will also enable you to schedule necessary maintenance or services for your equipment at appropriate times. With a complete solution that includes RFID printing technology.

What are the Key Benefits of an Asset Tracking System?

All businesses have a collection of assets that they need to maintain and with the right solution in place you can gain more detailed control over your assets and greater return on your investment with the benefits of:
•    Productivity - Collect data faster in greater detail.
•    Accuracy - Eliminate human error.
•    Compliance - Reporting flexibility with more accurate records.
•    Accountability - Enforces personal responsibility and accountability for company property.