Server Hardening & Anti-Phishing

Server Hardening

Server Hardening is the process of enhancing server security through a variety of means which results in a much more secure server operating environment. This is due to the advanced security measures that are put in place during the server hardening process.

•    The term "hardening," in the general sense, implies taking a soft surface or material and making changes to it which result in that       surface becoming stronger and more resistant to damage. That is exactly how server hardening impacts server security. Hardened       servers are more resistant to security issues than non-hardened servers.

•    In a time when nearly every computing resource is online and susceptible to attack, server hardening is a near absolute must to        perform on your servers.

•    The Internet has vastly altered the complexion of the server hardening industry over the last decade. Much of the applications         and system software that is now developed is intended for use on the Internet, and for connections to the Internet.

•    Many servers online today are attacked thousands of times per hour, tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of times each       and every day. The best defense against such attacks is to ensure that server hardening is a well established practice within your        organization or to outsource this task to an experienced & established server hardening agency.

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Phishing has become one of the major issues in the recent times that have sent across an alarm for the internet users. The major reason for concern is the fact that phishing activity directly hit at us as it aims at securing our personal and sensitive information. In phishing, electronic mails or other form of communications are sent across to a specific targeted group of people asking for their credit card information, account details, usernames and passwords.

These mails generally look very professional and bear the looks of official ones. It is one of the most disturbing problems and makes use of large entities names. All of these types of mails asking for personal and significant information are fake ones and are not to be believed.

How does a phishing mail look?
Phishing mails are generally those which carry enticing or attractive announcement claiming that you have won a lottery for $10,000 or that you have won a holiday trip and so on. These mails will ask you to visit a particular link and once you do that, you will be asked to furnish your sensitive information like credit card number and account number. Make sure that you do not succumb to these fake campaigns. Many of these sites also directs you to make some payment to claim the gift amount and in the process they track down the information.

Things not to do to be safe:

•    Do not respond to phishing mails

•    Do not share your password or user names

•    Never open the attachment of the phishing mails

•    Do not provide your personal information

Be up to date

There are numerous types of phishing activities that are taking place and one need to put in some extra caution in this space as it is highly dangerous. There are different types and techniques of phishing exercised and this includes clone phishing, whaling and spear phishing. Some of the recent and advanced browsers come with the anti-phishing facility thereby, taking care of it in the initial stage itself. There have been several losses faced by people all over the world because of this fraudulent activity and the government has come with legislations in this regard.

Protect yourself against phishing:

•    Install an anti-virus as well as anti phishing software to the system

•    Update the anti phishing software from time to time

•    Register with the phishing detecting sites

•    Use browsers that aids in detecting the phishing activities

These are some of the most basis measure that needs to be taken in order to prevent any phishing attacks on you. Make sure that you install the best of software and browsers so that the problem could be detected and rooted out at an early stage itself. It is better to prevent yourself from the attack rather than going for a corrective measure after the attack happened.

Thus, by employing these simple yet effective mechanism one can easily protect them against phishing and enjoy a safe online experience. To know more about Crosby’s Anti-Phishing Management, please email your inquiry to