About Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

Identify and respond to unauthorized access quickly.
Help detect and prevent malicious activity targeted towards your network, so you can focus on core business functions instead, while meeting compliance and continuity objectives. CROSBY Intrusion Detection and Prevention services help keep security protection in sync with new vulnerabilities

Rely on real-time surveillance With CROSBY Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

•    A hardware/software sensor is installed on your premises and managed by the CROSBY Security Operations Center
•    IP packets are captured and analyzed in real-time, using a constantly updated database containing thousands of attack signatures
•    24x7 monitoring provides another layer of network defense to help reduce corporate risks

Respond to unauthorized access with an intrusion detection system

If unauthorized access attempts occur or a pattern of misuse is detected, CROSBY Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services are designed to
•    Automatically respond as early as possible
•    Take action based on your pre-defined policies and procedures
•    Work to contain, neutralize or block threats
•    Help prevent damage to your website and business operations
•    Assist in meeting your compliance objectives

Take advantage of highly trained intrusion prevention security experts

When you choose CROSBY Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services, you can take advantage of our highly trained security experts. These security experts have the skills, knowledge and insight to:
•    Quickly identify patterns of network misuse
•    Distinguish chance anomalies from actual attacks to avoid false alarms
•    Keep attack signature databases up to date to help prevent future attacks